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What Comes Next


Well, looks like this just went public, so might as well announce it here as well.

After completing my tour of duty at Flickr, I’ll be joining Bitly as Head of Product this spring. Bitly has a fantastic small team of really smart folks, and I’m excited to go help build some new and exciting things there. Plus, I knew that for my next thing I needed to go somewhere with a wicked cool animal mascot (and the only thing that could beat a pufferfish in the department might be Octocat).

And yes, this means I’ll be moving back to NYC. On a personal note, seven years ago I swore I would soon return to New York when “temporarily” moving to the SF Bay Area. So it’s advantageous that my significant other decided that moving to the East Coast would be the best way for us to get a fresh start on a new life together. We’re currently alternating between looking forward to our coming adventure and being somewhat terrified! Thanks everyone for your kind words in the past 48 hours, it’s meant a lot to me. Onward!