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Nokia HSDPA Support in Mac OS X 10.5

My Nokia N95-3 has a deliciously fast HSDPA connection, and it is automatically recognized in Mac OS X 10.5 for syncing and tethering. Only one slight problem:

Using the developer tools and iSync Plugin Maker.app, I was able to update Barkman’s script to work in Leopard. My preliminary tests are getting ~750kbps in my apartment with so-so signal reception from AT&T. Woo! (Now if only Nokia would make a QWERTY version, so I didn’t have to carry around both this and a Blackberry…)

You can grab my updated modem script here: NokiaHSDPA.zip

Just dump it in /Library/Modem Scripts and then follow one of the many existing setup guides for either bluetooth or USB tethering, making sure to select the new HSDPA device instead of the 3G device from the Nokia category.