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Yahoo! UI & Design Patterns: Open Sourced

Big news from Yahoo! today: our very talented User Experience Design team is constantly slaving away to make all those fancy and complicated widgets that make building increasingly-complex web applications possible. In particular, there is one team that works on a standardized library available to all Yahoos to take advantage of when coding a site.

Like many companies, Yahoo! has a large internal repository (“cookbook”) for this sort of code. The big news is: they’re giving it away. For free. To you.

Get the full story at the new Yahoo! User Interface Blog.

In general, I think this is a good move in the spirit of the “cut and paste” code method many of us originally used when learning how to make a website. Code libraries like this make it easier to focus on the ideas when you are making something, rather than the icky details of the implementation. I’m looking forward to playing around with this myself–as a terrible designer, I can use all the help I can get.

(I hope this doesn’t read like a bad PR piece. No one has asked me to blog this, I’m just genuinely excited because this is one of the most hacker-friendly and cool things I’ve seen the company do since I’ve been there. To show I’m objective, I full admit there are many times Yahoo! does quite the opposite. Hopefully the trend continues in this positive direction.)