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Social Bookmarking Showdown: MyWeb vs. del.icio.us

What social bookmarking service should I use? I had originally started with del.icio.us, but when I started working at Yahoo! I decided to start using MyWeb2.0 beta, as part of the “eat your own dog food” philosophy. In doing so, I discovered I actually liked MyWeb quite a bit, and it had unique features that del.icio.us couldn’t match.

But since Yahoo! recently acquired del.icio.us, we now own two social bookmarking services, so I figured it was time to re-evaluate del.icio.us and see which one is currently best suited my needs for social bookmarking.

The results of my comparison were as follows:

Yahoo! MyWeb 2.0 del.icio.us winner
Privacy settings allow you to have private and community-only bookmarks.  This has proven to be very useful for me in sharing with specific groups of people. All bookmarks are public, making del.icio.us inappropriate for a complete bookmark replacement (unless you are an exhibitionist!) MyWeb
Firefox extension via Yahoo! Toolbar is pretty lame, supports basic bookmarking but no contextual notes. Firefox extension is more functional (supports contextual notes via highlighting) and better integrated (doesn’t use up an entire toolbar row). del.icio.us
Community features integrate with 360°’s existing social network, so that I see what my friends are bookmarking, which is incredibly cool. If you manually tag stuff for:username, they may or may not see it… MyWeb
Integrates with and affects web search, so I get better and more trusted search results. This is actually really effective and super neato. No search integration. MyWeb
Pages are automatically cached, in case the original source disapears later. Nope. MyWeb
Web site is hideously ugly and hard to navigate. Web site is hideously ugly and hard to navigate. Tie
User’s home URL is an attrocious 70 characters of gobbledygook that requires serious reverse engineering to locate. http://del.icio.us/mroth del.icio.us
Stupid name that is completely unmemorable. Even stupider name that is nearly impossible to type correctly. Tie

My conclusion for the time being was to stick with MyWeb, although I’m somewhat disappointed. I really wish the two features that del.icio.us won on (decent URLs and a good Firefox extension) will be integrated into MyWeb soon, since that seems easier than integrating all the complex MyWeb Yahoo integration stuff into del.icio.us. Or perhaps I can somehow hack the del.icio.us Firefox extension to post to MyWeb instead?