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I’m a Yahoo

My Yahoo! AvatarFinally signed my contract today, so I can announce this publicly: Starting Monday, I’ll be working on research at the newly announced Yahoo! Research Labs - Berkeley. I’m going to be working with some insanely bright and talented people, so I’m thrilled to be involved.

To commemorate the occasion, I’ve created a Yahoo! Avatar of me at work. (Yeah, I don’t really get what they are for, either.)

I’m still going to be at U.C. Berkeley with the rest of my time (although I won’t be teaching at all this semester). One of the particularly nice things about the lab is the commitment to keeping a sustainable and symbiotic relationship between Cal and the Y! Lab in terms of intellectual property issues, enabling us to publish academic papers about our work. Oh—that and the fact that our office building is pink. That’s pretty cool too.