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East Coast Élitism

So, I moved across the country to the SF Bay Area. I know, I know, I’m not terribly pleased about it either.

I miss Manhattan every minute of the day. I miss the view from our small apartment. I miss real mass transit (the BART? hah!). I miss the uncompromising culture and attitude. I miss having more excellent restaurants per block than exist in the entire city of San Francisco. And haven’t you guys heard of delivery?

My good friend and colleague Jeff Crouse is also undergoing a similar experience in temporary absence from New York City, only in the poorly nicknamed “Hotlanta”. So at least I’m not alone in my suffering.

I shall return, as NYC is the…


(Why’d I move? It has something to do with SIMS at U.C. Berkeley. I’ll update the dangerously out-of-date front page soon.)