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Things have been quite busy lately, mostly revolving around my partner of over six years moving into my (now our) apartment. So, for the past few weeks we’ve been doing the “get rid of old stuff, make room for new” shuffle that accompanies integrating two separate lives worth of stuff into a single place. Giving the closet a thorough enema I was amazed at the old stuff that I still owned found lurking in the murky depths. Getting rid of it all can be quite cathartic (in both the Aristotelian and medical meanings of the word).

Since all weblog entries should contain outwardly-directed links: For those who have always wanted to try an old Curta mechanical calculator, but don’t have the bling to purchase one from a collector (they go for around US$2500), enjoy this excellent Curta simulator. Macromedia Flash actually being used for something useful? Shocking!