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AOIR 2003: State of Mind

Collage of what AOIR attendees are browsing on their laptops while they are simultaneously attending panels (at approximately 12:30pm Friday, click for enlargement): etherpeg dump from aoir 2003 Generated with etherpeg (see also driftnet), which generates collages of images it pulls out of web browsing and email sessions as they shoot past in the network. Its a good way to gauge the overall mindset of conference attendees at a given time. I wanted to generate one over of the timeframe of my own speech yesterday, but unfortunately the WiFi network wasn’t up yet then.

Sidenote: Technology lesson for AOIR attendees: Yes, that shiny 802.11 card in your Powerbook is insecure, even if its “extreme”. Wireless is just a marketing word for radio. Someone less ethical than me could read your email or snarf your passwords just as easily. Feel free to contact me if you’re curious about how to prevent this from happening.