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AOIR 2003: Day 1

Seeing as how I spoke this weekend on the subject of weblogs, I suppose it’s fitting I update mine again. Lately I’ve been too involved in other projects to do updates much, not to mention that when I do send out updates I have mostly been relying upon email to do so (see my previous entry on my dilemma in turning back to email lists from weblogs, “Weblog Versus Listserv.”)

I am currently in Toronto at the Association of Internet Researchers conference. I spoke in the morning (at the ungodly hour of 9:00am!) on a weblog panel. I then went to a brief lunch with a number of people from the panel–Alex Halavais (SUNY Buffalo), Thomas Burg (Danube University - Krems), and Aaron Delwiche (Trinity University). At a “F2F” lunch, perhaps appropriately, I don’t think we mentioned weblogs once.

Saw a few more panels, the most notable one focusing on onling gaming. Then went to an amusing dinner with Aaron Delwiche, again, along with Cameron Marlow (Blogdex, MIT Media Lab), T.L. Taylor (IT University of Copenhagen, spoke on Everquest on the aforementioned panel), and a number of people who I’m afraid I didn’t get the chance to talk to enough to remember their names (I am terrible with proper nouns and didn’t get business cards). We went to some random Viet. restaurant where the waiter insisted we write the order down on paper.

Returned to the Hilton bar and stayed awake just long enough to see the Yankees pull off their 11th hour victory, which pleased me–being one of those New York City elitists that Boston fans hate.