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Remaindered Links

Random collection of things I recently read and found interesting, that have absolutely nothing to do with each other.

  1. Will Copyright Eat Gator?
    At this point, little substantive law exists to guide us in determining whether this practice of customizing the web experience by users (or third parties) constitutes copyright infringement.
  2. Zip Codes are Not Areas
    Perhaps the most common misconception in GIS is that Zip codes are polygonal regions or areas.
  3. Explosions in Photoshop - A Tutorial
    Before you can blow anything up in PS (Photoshop), you need to have something to blow up.
  4. From Footnotes to Sidenotes
    Footnotes are an artifact from printing and one can question whether they really have to be placed in the footer of a webpage, just because “it has always been done like this”.
  5. How to break out of a chroot() jail
    This page details how the chroot() system call can be used to provide an additional layer of security when running untrusted programs. It also details how this additional layer of security can be circumvented.