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Schemas and URIs and Ontologies, Oh My!

I spent the better part of the of the weekend reviewing the documents on the W3C.org Design Issues site (I was doing YMTR: ‘yet more thesis research’). They’re a good read for anyone interested in the big picture issues of the web, despite many of the documents ‘perpetually unfinished’ nature. Don’t just read the big [in]famous pieces such as “Web Architecture from 50,000 Feet” and the semantic web stuff; you’ll find a lot of (more) interesting gems in the little unfinished notes that Tim Berners-Lee publishes such as “Persistent Domains” (some dubious solutions for link-rot) and “Cleaning Up The User Interface” (his observations on the problematic blurring between a physical directory and a ‘container’ for files in modern operating systems is spot-on).