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H2K2: Day 2

Things really picked up quite a bit on day two of the conference. The previously sparse network room was now fairly jam-packed with random hacker occurrences. Vast stretches of networking cables snaked over the entire 35,000ft2 room, hanging from ceiling rafters and disapearing into mazes of routers and switches. People swapped files, sniffed the network, blasted their MP3s out of gigantic speakers, even played DDR. I met a few nice people, and wasted a bit of time helping two different people with Linux configuration problems.

The vintage hardware was quite fun. I taught someone a little BASIC programming on an Atari 800XL (growing up, my first computer was actually an Atari 400–complete with spill-resistant flat keyboard). A large crowd of people watched two guys battle it out in Pong on an old Intellivision hooked up to a big-screen TV.

I attended a number of talks on Day 2, but unfortunately none of them were exceptional enough for me to explicitly mention here.

Oh, and a side note?can someone get CDC / Ninja Strike Force a copy of iMovie and some editing lessons? That video was painful.