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OSX Hell

For MacOSX users, Silk enables anti-aliased text in older Carbon apps under the new version 10.1.5. My opinion on this alternates between annoyed and pleased depending on the application.

Still, kudos to the developer’s for getting a hack out so quickly. Now if only someone could do something about the Energy Saver situation…

The new version of OSX finally re-enabled the ability to reduce the processor-speed on my laptop to increase battery life, a sorely missed feature from OS9. Unfortunately, despite taking Apple two years to implement, it’s totally useless–they didn’t bother to make it determine whether your laptop is plugged in or not… so if you click it, your CPU is slowed down ALL THE TIME, EVEN WHEN PLUGGED IN. This is totally idiotic at this stage of the game. I sincerely hope Jaguar (10.2, soon to be renamed to 10.5 by Apple Marketing Dept. in an effort to squeeze more money out of us after being their beta testers) remedies this situation.

FOLLOW UP: According to this thread, Jaguar will indeed finally add the ability to have different energy saver profiles for battery and power adapter.